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Diploma in Building Construction Technician

Humber College’s Building Construction Technician diploma program is one of three stackable programs within the Carpentry-Construction group. Along with the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques certificate and the Construction Engineering Technology advanced diploma, the program introduces students to the carpentry trade, gives practical experience with trade regulations and with best practices.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 2 years
Starting in: September 2020
Tuition Fee: CAD 7,496 per semester
Location: North Campus (Toronto, Canada)

Students of the Humber College’s Building Construction Technician diploma program will be able to move from this diploma program into the advanced diploma program. Additionally, Humber’s Carpentry and Renovation Technician diploma and Industrial Woodworking Technician diploma offer additional pathways and laddering opportunities.

You will learn worksite health and safety practices in accordance with legislation and regulations; and how to review building plans and complete work in compliance with contractual obligations, codes, applicable laws, bylaws, standards and ethical practices. Coursework will include sustainability practices.

You will learn to produce project sketches and documents in accordance with project specifications, assist in the preparation of estimations and to safely operate tools. You will be well-prepared for all building stages – from site layout and footings to the application of interior and exterior finishes.

Courses include:

  • General Carpentry Safety
  • Hand Tools
  • Framework and Concrete Structures
  • Plans Specifications, Codes and Revit
  • Carpentry Practice
  • English 1 for Skilled Trade Professionals

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Graduates of this program may find initial employment as an apprentice general carpenter in residential carpentry, and, with experience, in construction management and commercial carpentry.

Based on a 2017-2019 employment outlook, the Canadian government’s Department of Employment and Social Development (EDSC) estimates that employment gains in the Construction sector will be strong in the Greater Toronto Area due to labour demands resulting from expansions and retirements.

In the next ten years, Build Force Canada estimates that those retiring from the sector will create the largest demand for new skilled carpenters, construction trades helpers and labourers, and contractors and supervisors. The significant loss of skilled labour, combined with the need to prepare the next generation of supervisors and managers, and time required for new entrants to acquire new skills and experience are the dominant challenges that Ontario, and the rest of Canada, will face between 2016 and 2025.

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