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Graduate Cert. in Advertising – Media Management

Humber College’s Advertising – Media Management graduate certificate program gives you the knowledge and skills to effectively research and analyze both the marketplace and a target audience, and subsequently develop the best and most creative media solutions that meet the client or the company’s advertising goals.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 3 semesters
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: CAD 7,977 per semester
Location: Lakeshore Campus (Toronto, Canada)

Throughout the Humber College’s Advertising – Media Management graduate certificate program, you will learn how to translate marketing objectives into focused media campaigns, assess the strength and weaknesses of different media types, analyze media data, and determine how best to sell advertising time/space for both traditional (TV, radio, outdoor media, print) and emerging (all things digital) platforms.

Upon graduation, you will have learned how to speak knowledgeably and persuasively in a media environment, and how to negotiate as buyers and sellers of media time and space. Through the enhancement of your client and customer communications skills, you will gain the ability to focus on the needs of an organization, build lasting relationships across the industry and add tremendous value to the companies you work with. Finally, you will build your technology skillset through the use of industry specific research databases and softwares throughout your studies.

With this comprehensive understanding of both the traditional and digital media landscape, you will hit the ground running in your new career at a boutique or world leading advertising agency or any number of small to large companies across the media management landscape.

Courses Included:

  • Introduction to Advertising: Media Management
  • Managing the Media, Client, and Advertising Agency Relationship Dynamic
  • Media Management Planning, Costing and Buying: Traditional Media
  • Media Measurement and Research
  • Career Orientation and Industry Structure

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Our graduates find jobs on both the client and agency side, with local, national and international advertising agencies; media companies; marketing strategy agencies; and leading business and consumer brands. Typical roles include:

  • account co-ordinator/manager
  • brand manager
  • media buyer/planner
  • digital strategist
  • media researcher
  • media sales representative
  • programmatic campaign co-ordinator
  • social media manager
  • digital media planner/co-ordinator

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both the traditional and digital media landscapes gained through in-class work, practical teachings and a job placement, you will launch your new career in advertising media management.

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